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Ayurvedic Cleanse

Cost: $95
Price includes all herbal supplements, 2-hour workshop and support throughout the week. Pre-registration is required, with limited space available, it is likely to fill quickly. 
This 7 day ayurvedic cleanse was designed to be unique to each individual, it offers various options so your experience is grounding, balancing and nourishing for you. No previous experience with cleansing is necessary. This is a simple, manageable and effective cleanse suitable for all constitutions.

It includes warm cooked meals daily, with a variety of food options, gentle detox teas, relaxation therapies, abhyanga (self-massage with warm oil), yoga and gentle yet powerful herbal supplements. This cleanse is designed to support positive, lasting diet and lifestyle changes that will stay with you well after the cleanse is completed. This experience will leave you with a rejuvenated clear mind, increased energy, balanced digestive system, strengthened immunity and feeling awesome!

Create time and space in your life for a detox. The small group dynamic and ongoing support of fellow cleansers will help ensure your success throughout the week.

Why should you detox??!!

-Purify your mind of unprocessed emotions & thoughts. -Reset your digestive system.
-Lose weight.
-Release old habits that no longer serve you.

-Rejuvenate your body and mind.

-Strengthen your immune system.