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First Friday with Joel Hirsch

Come join us this Friday for our monthly First Friday hang out! We will have art featured by the amazing Joel Hirsch, have glass of wine and relax in our beautiful studio.

Joel Hersch is a digital artist, writer and freelance journalist from Santa Cruz. His artwork takes glimpses into the unique, colorful and sometimes gritty worlds that exist within Santa Cruz County. Many of his drawings are inspired by subjects he’s reported on for local publications including the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Good Times, and Santa Cruz Waves magazine. The images intend to capture facets of the way places, individuals, or subjects feel rather than the ways they may actually appear in reality, lending them a whimsical, dreamlike quality.

Joel’s illustrations often begin as pencil sketches across notebook pages, which he photographs and then transfers into digital files. Once digitized, he develops the drawings freehand using a stylus and drawing tablet, incorporating airbrush and watercolors into unique, heavily-layered visual stories. The pieces are made locally using a Giclée printing process with fade-resistant, archival inks. For many of his the frames, Joel up-cycles and refurbishes old materials, giving them new life. 

Joel’s interest in art began when he was 14 and living aboard a sailboat with his family in the Caribbean. As a means to pass the downtime, he would often fill pages with ink illustrations of life at sea and at anchor in countless harbors around Central and South America. That interest in sharing visual stories carried with him through the years, taking on new meaning as his career as a writer took shape, eventually evolving into their current form. 

Follow the artist on Instagram @Joelhersch

For inquiries about art, writing, or just to say hi, send an email to


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