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Breathwork + DNA Activation

If you’re ready to break free from your limiting beliefs and live in alignment with your highest self this workshop is for you.

We will gather in a safe sacred studio space on Nov. 24th at 2pm. In this workshop Rozlyn Zelinda will guide you through a rapid breathing sequence that allows you to enter altered states of consciousness. Entering this euphoric state allows pain and trauma stored in the body to be released and cleansed. You will feel a renewed sense of clarity, freedom and liberation.

Workshop:: $33

Deep trauma release
Move stuck energy
Alkalize the body
Emotional clarity
Purify the blood and respiratory system
Feeling lighter and liberated
Reduce anxiety and depression
Enriches the body with oxygen
Cleanses the 72,000 Nadia
Increased energy

What is Breathwork?
The practice of Pranayama Breathwork dates back to ancient India and the origins of yoga, said to be around sixth and fifth centuries. The breathwork that I facilitate is rapid and strong, digging deep into your body. We also incorporate some ancient Shamanic practices as well. Our bodies store trauma deep within its crevices that can cause destructive behavior and prevent you from living a life filled with joy, purpose and fullness. It is imperative that we create a focused practice to work through these hidden wounds.

What is DNA Timeline Shifting?
From a very young age, usually between 0-7 years old, we encounter painful trauma from our surrounding world. Even those who were brought up in a "healthy" home encounter painful experiences. Additionally, unhealed trauma in our ancestral lineage can also be passed down through our bodies for us to heal and transmute. Less common, we can carry past life wounds into our current physical realities.

Once the trauma occurs it imprints within our DNA strand. This imprint then creates a timeline trajectory that plays out through our life. Often times this creates cyclical behavior that we are unconscious of or have any idea where the behavior has come from.

In our sessions we begin to dive into these DNA imprints and start to create new timelines that are more in alignment with your deepest soul desires.

Rozlyn Zelinda, Soul Mentor and Breathwork DNA Activation facilitator, who leads solo and group ceremonial experiences that bring people on a journey of remembrance, and a re-coding of their reality in a more empowered way. As a natural born leader, who embodies the Divine Mother's energy you immediately feel safe, seen and held in her presence. Rozlyn came into this path after her own journey of transcending childhood adversity which led her to study in the healing arts of Pranayama Breathwork and Ancient Shamanic traditions.

Water bottle and an open mind

Later Event: February 9
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